Common Questions and Answers

Q.- Do any of your mountings (settings) contain nickel?
A.-Only our white gold contains nickel.

    Q.- How do I order a mounting for myself using your website?
  1. Choose the type of metal you wish to purchase on the setting, by clicking on the drop-down Metal Type. Some Gold is Cast as ordered, if it is not a fast seller. Please allow an extra 2-3 weeks. We will let you know if the item you ordered will take longer.
  2. Next, to see the available sizes for your gemstones, Simply click on the drop-down where is says Gemstone Size or Stone Sizes.
  3. This will open up all the available gemstone sizes for that particular setting and the metal type you chose.
  4. If you're purchasing Ring Settings, there is a drop-down for the available Ring sizes.
  5. If you need Ring sizing, you can choose your sizing under the "Please Customize" below the Ring Size on that items page.
  6. If your Ring Setting only comes in a size 7 and you need a size 9, simply choose the sizing for the appropriate metal type.
  7. When you have everything where you want it, simply click the "add to cart button" to add the item to your cart.
  8. You can change any item at anytime during the checkout process, if needed, by clicking on the view cart at the top of any page.

Q.- How do I create a piece of Jewelry for myself using your website?
A.- It's easy. Start with either the setting or the gemstone. Once you've decided to have a stone set, simply check the radio box (under please customize) to have the stone(s) set.

     You will be able at checkout to tell us know which stones go into which setting. It's that easy, we will take care of the rest.

Q.- I have an 20x15mm Oval Natural Amethyst in a pendant setting and I need 7x5mm or 8x6mm oval earrings to match?
A.- Colored Gemstones are like the ocean. The larger the more depth of color. The smaller the less depth of color. It is almost impossible to match too different size stones like this.

Q.- You say on your settings, that most gemstones will fit into your settings. Can you give me an example of what you mean?
A.-  In general any Cubic Zirconia or Lab Created gemstone will fit into any setting. Natural gemstones may or may not fit into a snap-tite settings.
      Snap-tite settings require a thin girdle.
Concave cuts will not fit into any snap-tite setting. The Natural Gemstones and Concave cuts will fit into most cast or pre-notched settings.
      If you have a question, you can get an answer from our Contact pagelink at the top of any page.

Q.-  Will you set gemstones other than your own?
A.-  Yes we can. You can select the option on our settings to mail us your gemstones. You will need to place the order and then fill out our setting release form which can be found in our learning center.
       Review the gemstones we will not set prior to purchasing and sending your gems to us.

Q.-  If I order a size 7 ring will I receive a size 7 ring?
A.-  With our premium settings yes, sizes are very precise. With all other ring settings there can be a variance, due to mold and casting shrinkage of  (+-) 1/4 size.
       If you need an exact size of any ring besides our Premium settings it is best to order sizing.

Q.- I measured my rings on a plastic ring mandrel, are they accurate?
A.- Sorry they are not. You'll need a metal calibrated mandrel, which usually run around $40.00.

Q.- I ordered an 10x8mm oval pendant setting and the setting doesn't measure 10x8mm. Now what do I do?
A.-  All settings are sold by the size stone that fits into the setting, not by the size of the setting.
      It's very important for you to measure your stones with digital calipers, length, width, and depth to avoid unnecessary returns.
      Digital calipers are necessary to measure your stone with prior to purchasing as you only have a .1mm variance in either direction when using a standard calibrated pre-notched setting.

Q.- Is there a difference between Lab Created, Synthetic and Simulated Gemstones?
A.- Lab Created and Synthetic are synonymous with each other. Both mean that they are identical in composition to the natural counterpart.

     Simulated gemstones are only similar in appearance to the natural gemstone it is imitating. It has no properties of the natural gemstone.

Q.- What is the difference between a Lab Created (Synthetic) gemstone and a Natural gemstone?
A.- Lab created or synthetic gemstones are identical in composition to the natural gem of the same kind.
     So a lab created ruby has the same make up as a natural ruby.

     Generally the lab created does not have as many inclusions as the natural does.
     Lab Created gems are created under laboratory conditions while natural gems are grown over thousands of years in the ground.

Q.- How much extra time does it take to size or set a ring, earring or pendant?
A.- Please Allow a Minimum of 3 extra business days. We size and set your items as quickly as possible.
     Time depends on our work load on any given day. Expect longer delays during the Holiday Season

Q.-  I don't see USPS Express Mail as an option, can you send that way?
A.- Yes, it is not something we do often, but upon request we can change your shipping charge and method for USPS Express Mail.

Q.- My gems are not calibrated, can I fit them into your settings, or what should I do?
A.- Unfortunately with uncalibrated gems it is very hard to find settings that you can purchase (cheaply).
      Often times you will end up having to make a custom setting or have the gem wire wrapped

Q.- I need a custom setting, can you make one?
A.- I'm Sorry, we do not do one of a kind pieces. This is something best done at your local jewely store.

Q.- I'm looking for your discounts, where can I find them?
A.- Use this link  e-mail subscription  to sign up. You can also find the sale information on our Facebook or Twitter accounts.