How to Create Your Own Jewelry

Create Your Own Jewelry

Looking for a piece of jewelry that you can customize with the color and size of your choosing? You can do that with us! Creating that special piece of jewelry is just a few steps away!

First choose your path, starting with a gemstone or starting with a mounting. If you choose to start with a mounting first you will just need to search for the color/gemstone you are wanting in that same size of the mounting (Ex: a 6mm mounting will need a 6mm gemstone of the same shape).

Use our easy to navigate menu located at the top of the page. Once your first selection is made (either mounting or gemstone) move on to the next step, picking out the remainder of the jewelry items! Tip: if you pick out a mounting with multiple size gemstones, make a quick note on how many and what shape/sizes the stones you need to select are so you don't miss any! 

You're almost done, just two more steps! Just finish picking your options by selecting the kind of Gemstone or Mounting you want. After you've decided the items and are ready to add them to your cart there's just one final decision, are you going to complete this item yourself, or have us finish the item for you? If you plan on setting and polishing the item yourself, you're ready to head to checkout! If you wish to have us do all the finishing work, make sure to select the option to have us set and polish the mounting (or even size it for a ring!).

As a reminder: all of our mountings are tumble finished and may require a final polish (which we will do for you if we set the item).
If you don't have polishing equipment, simply select polishing where available on the mounting.

On your checkout page you will be able to put in special instructions for us, ie. let us know which stones go into a particular mounting or if you chose sizing and have more than one ring to size, which ring you want sized.
Please remember, Items we put together for you are not returnable.

Below is a reference guide for gemstone sizes if you're unfamiliar with them.
Stone Size Chart
for Stone Size Chart.
Please Note:
Stone size chart is Not to scale, but inches are to the right to help give you an idea of stone or setting sizes.
You may need a ruler handy to help you visualize the sizes.

We have a .1mm tolerance on all gemstones we sell as calibrated stones.