Jamming Gems Gemstone Setting Release Form

Gemstones We do not Set for customers:
Precious stones: Natural Ruby, Natural Sapphire, Natural Emerald, Natural Diamond.
The reason we won't set precious stones is simple.
We hear it all the time, "You can't believe the deal I got on eBay® on a stunning 8 carat beautiful blue sapphire from Thailand and I only paid $9.99 for it. "We don't want to be the ones to burst your bubble, but at the same time we don't want to return to you the same (what you thought was natural) beautiful blue 8 carat sapphire you sent us, only to have you find out later, you didn't buy a real sapphire.
Easy to see a problem here   ;>)

Some Semi-precious stones we do not set due to their characteristics/hardness : Faceted Tanzanite, Faceted Apatite, Faceted Flourite,
Faceted Chrome Diopside, Faceted Sunstone, Faceted Sphene, Faceted or Cabochon Opal, Faceted or Cabochon Amber,  Faceted Glass or basically any stone of a hardness on Moh's scale of 6 or below.

Please have your stones measured with digital calipers prior to sending them to us for setting.
They must be within +-.1mm of the stated setting size, and be properly proportioned.
You cannot measure your stones with a ruler. The measurement will not be accurate enough and you're stones won't fit into the settings.

If you are unable to measure your stones with digital calipers, we will be glad to do it for you. Cost for this service is $2.00 per stone.
Any stone, with a variation in size, length or width, greater or less than (.1mm) of the stated size, will not fit into this setting.
Just because a stone has a size written on a gem box or bag doesn't mean it is the proper size to fit into a setting.
All cutting houses have different variances when cutting stones and stones can be off more than the allowable (.1mm) variance for pre-notched settings.
Settings are sold by the size stone that will fit into them, not by the size of the setting.

Note : there may be others not listed, if you have a question. Contact us first.

Please do not just send us your stones without prior approval.

Cost to set your Gems (not purchased from us) into our settings is $14.00 per stone.
You can choose this from the setting page, or it will be added to your order once we receive your stones.

Note: Any Gems, that you send us that cannot be set, and cannot be sent back with an existing order, will require a shipping and insurance charge to return the Gem(s) to you.
Items sent back with an existing order may require additional insurance depending on value and is not included in our regular shipping charge.

The minimum return shipping charge (for items that can't be set) is $4.95 (up to $100. value), but varies according to the amount of insurance required.

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