How To Set Videos

Below are our setting videos to help you learn to set Pre-notched and snap-tite settings.
Here is a list of tools you will need to set.

1.Setting Pliers can be a good (easy moving) pair of needle nose pliers.
2. I highly recommend a pair of digital calipers (Harbor Tools & Freight)
3. Some kind of magnification. (visor, magnifying light etc.)
4. Some kind of sturdy pointed object. An awl etc. (in case you need to adjust a prong)
5. Patience. Take your time. Chances are you will ruin a few settings or gemstones learning.
But if you're good with your hands, you can teach yourself.
A setting class is expensive. You can and probably will destroy settings, but it's a lot less money than a class.

Destroyed settings have scrap value.
We will even buy back your damaged settings you've purchased from us.
Contact us through our contact link at the top of any page for return instructions.

But above all taking your time will minimize your destroyed settings or chipped gemstones.

Always check your gemstone with calipers.
Don't assume because it's written on a bag or gem box, that the stone is the size that is written on it.

Video on How to set a 10mm Heart shape Pendant into a pre-notched setting.
Some notes on the following video:
I use a German pair of gem setting pliers in the video. Don't know the brand name, as I've had them over 25 years.
It is generally necessary, when setting, to pull the prongs out slightly to seat the gemstone into the setting. Always make sure the stone is level in the setting, before you start to set the stone. Use minimal pressure when setting, working opposite prongs.

In our next video we show you how to set a 10mm round cubic zirconia into a 10mm round pre-notched ring setting. It may be necessary for you, when setting, to pull the prongs out slightly, to seat the gemstone into the setting. Make sure the stone level in the setting before you start to set the stone. Use minimal pressure when setting.

The next video deals with setting a snap-tite earring setting with a 6mm round cubic zirconia.
Two important things in setting a snap-tite earring setting.
Make sure your stone has a thin girdle. Thick girdle gemstones will not set well into a snap-tite if at all.
Don't hold the setting by the post, when setting. Hold it by the bottom of the basket.

More videos to come.