Why Buy Jamming Gems?

Tired of getting mountings with paper thin bands, pits and uneven designs? With our Mountings we have greatly cut down the finishing time. We saw a need for quality sterling silver mountings (and gold) that didn’t take more time to finish and repair than the item was worth.

Here are some of the features of Jamming Gems mountings that make them great quality pre-notched (seat already cut) mountings.

We use only recycled de-oxidized metals, so your sterling silver won’t tarnish as quickly as your standard 925 sterling will. De-ox will also give you a great smooth polish and has a slightly brighter color to it. Plus, all of our metals are nickel free.

Our mountings will be stamped with the purity and hallmark stamps, this is something some manufacturers don't offer on all mountings which is important if you are planning on reselling. *exception being dangles and heads as they have to be added to something to be completed.

Our designs are made using CAD, so you won’t end up with uneven prongs and bands. Our casting process also eliminates any shrinkage, so ring sizes will not be under like many manufactures.

We take into consideration the comfort and durability of the mounting, not just the profit. We do our best to design a mounting that will not only be comfortable to wear but will last over the years.

While we understand there are limitations to pre-notched mountings, we have fine tuned our designs to better fit your gemstones. Many companies will sell pre-notched mountings where the stone sits very high up on the prongs and will not seat as a stone should into a mounting. We have worked hard to create mountings that will not only seat well but look great! Check out some comparisons below of our mountings vs. competitors. 

In the photo above you can see that the gemstones in the ring on the left sit up very high on the mounting. This puts the gems at risk of damage and loss. One hard blow to the stone and it could easily come loose in the mounting, plus it just doesn’t look very attractive. Now if you look at the ring on the right, you will see that the stones sit lower into the head of the mounting and are seated. This not only allows the stone to be more protected, but it’s much more attractive when wearing.