Wholesale Accounts

Do you have a small business and are interested in saving a little money? Here is some information about starting a wholesale account with us!

In order to view and enable our wholesale pricing on your account you will need:


A valid Resale License where applicable or proof of being in the Gemstone or Jewelry business.(business license)
We will need a copy of it for our records either by e-mail (preferred method), snail mail or fax.
You will need to create an account (below) with us.


When faxing, please send copy of license only.
No cover pages Please.

Our fax # 615-537-4960 is on 24/7.


Please send us an e-mail notifying us if you choose to fax a copy of the license.


Please Create your Account with us


Once your account is created, we will enable dealer pricing, usually within 24-48 hours.
Once enabled, you may login to your account and you will see only the wholesale pricing of our items.


Requirements of Wholesale accounts:
Our minimum Sale to Dealers is $75.00 not including shipping/handling, ring sizing , setting or soldering charges.
You must spend a minimum of $500.00 a year to maintain dealer status.
*Dealer orders under $75.00 are subject to a 10.00 Labor processing fee.


*If you do not meet the required minimum, we will switch your account to retail pricing.

You will be able to view quantity price breaks (when available) on the item page or the checkout page.

If you have any further questions, please ask us!


Send us a quick note