Silver Care


Want to know how to care for your silver jewelry?
Sterling Silver is a precious metal.
A little information about our silver:
  • Our Sterling is alloyed with copper to enhance its durability.
  • Our sterling silver consists of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper.
  • Oxidation reactions will occur, especially with sulfur and oxygen, causing silver to become tarnished.
Ring Sizing can cause your sterling to turn color on your finger. This happens because the copper is drawn to the surface by the sizing. Soaking your sized ring in ammonia for a few hours can take care of this problem, if it happens to you. Rinse with water and dry fully.

Avoid the following:
  • Applying hair colors or permanent solutions while wearing your jewelry
  • Showering with your jewelry on
  • Body lotions, hair spray, suntan lotions, or oils of any kind on your jewelry
  • Sweat, soaps with bleach, eggs, onions and many other items
  • Even taking certain antibiotics can cause sterling to tarnish
  • Never removing your jewelry.
  • Swimming in pools
  • Cleaning products for your house
  • Leaving jewelry out when not wearing them (not in a case/box)

Easy steps to remove tarnish at home:
  1. You will need a small glass bowl, baking soda, piece of tin foil, and warm water.
  2. Put the piece of tin foil in the bottom of the glass bowl.
  3. Place 1-2 table spoons of baking soda on top of the foil.
  4. Fill with hot tap water and place your sterling on top of the foil.
  5. Your sterling should begin to have air bubbles coming off it.
  6. Wait 5 - 10 minutes or until there are no bubbles on the sterling piece
  7. Remove from solution.
  8. Dry the silver very well before storage to prevent water stains (try using a hair dryer on low).