What makes our Premium Mountings different?

If you're looking for a higher quality mounting with less polish/smoothing work to finish, this is for you! Our Premium Mountings will have a smooth tumble polish on them, and you will not have to worry about common casting issues like pits, bumps and lines! Read about our process and what makes these items stand out above our other mountings below!

All of our Premium Mountings begin by being designed using Jewelry CAD software. This allows for a very precise design creating prongs of almost perfectly even lengths/spacing. Designing with CAD also improves the symmetry on bands, ring sizes and dangle loops. Once the design is completed our next step is to print the design. To do this we use our top of the line 3D printer. This 3D printer uses a high definition ceramic filled photo-polymer which can create the most intricate of design and detail on an item. When the print is complete the product it produces is then cured under an ultraviolet light which hardens the piece to make it ready for the next step, molds.

The molds we use on our Premium Mountings are a clear silicone rubber; this produces no shrinkage unlike many other mold options that can be used. Having no shrinkage from the original print means, more exact sizes! Another great benefit of our molds, the clear rubber allows for precise cutting which eliminates mold lines on items when cast.

Once the molds are completed we make a wax copy of the item with our Yasui Digital Vacuum Wax Machine. This machine produces very consistent results with even filling to avoid uneven bands or unfilled designs/prongs.

The next step is casting! We use a Vacuum Casting system with our premium De-Ox silver. De-ox silver is a more tarnish resistant silver which costs more than the standard sterling shot used in other mountings we offer. The vacuum cast system is done under a protective gas to retard fire-scale and improve polishing. If you have seen these polished in person, you know that they get a beautiful mirror finish on them.

When casting is complete they are put into a centrifugal tumbler and tumbled to a high tumble finish. This high tumble finish allows for time saving during the final polish to finish off a piece of jewelry. What you are left with is a high quality Mounting ready to be set, polished and shown off!


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