Create Your Perfect Jewelry Piece: A Step-by-Step Guide

Starting Your Journey: Are you dreaming of a unique piece of jewelry but don’t know where to begin? Let us guide you through the exciting process of crafting your very own jewelry on our website. With a plethora of stone and mounting options, we’ve created this guide to simplify your decision-making.

Step 1: Choose Your Path First, decide if you want to:

  • Build Around the Gemstone: Select the shape, color, and type of gemstone first, then find a mounting to match.
  • Build Around the Mounting: Choose a style mounting you love, then find a gemstone to fit that design.

Example: Creating a Pendant with Dark Blue Moissanite Imagine you’re drawn to our dark blue moissanite, perfect for your date night outfit. You decide on a pendant, and since we currently carry only rounds in this color, you’ll choose from several size options. Let’s say you pick a 7mm size. Here’s how you proceed:

  1. Navigate to the Category: Select Mountings > Faceted Mountings > Pendant Mountings > Round Pendants.
  2. Choose Your Design: Browse and pick the mounting, we will go with the Single Accent Round Pendant (P-011) for a simple yet sparkling look.

Step 2: Customize Your Item Here’s how to add the item to your cart to include setting and polishing:

  • Select the metal type.
  • Select the stone size.
  • (For rings, select the ring size.)
  • (For sterling rings, select any ring sizing needed.)
  • Choose Finishing Options:
    • Polish the mounting only.
    • Set accents only (where applicable).
    • Set all and polish.
    • Set and polish gemstones you’re mailing to us.

Step 3: Add Gemstones to Your Cart For our example, add a 7mm round dark blue moissanite and a 2.5mm white moissanite accent. Note: Some small stones are sold in packs, so you may have extras for future projects.

Step 4: Repeat for Additional Items Want earrings or a ring too? Repeat the process, selecting the options and gemstones you desire.

Step 5: Special Instructions If you have specific requests for multi-stone mountings or certain gems to be set into certain mountings, leave notes at checkout or email us.

Mailing Your Gemstones We offer to set customer gemstones (with some exceptions). Select the options and fill out a setting release form after placing your order. Contact us with any questions about fit or gemstone compatibility prior to ordering to avoid canceled orders.

Need Help? Don’t hesitate to reach out and Contact us or by phone (800)-903-GEMS(4367). We’re here to guide you through the process or answer any questions.

Happy Shopping! Enjoy the creative journey of designing your perfect jewelry piece with us

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