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We offer gemstone setting services for our customers, with a few exceptions for certain types of gemstones that we do not set. These exceptions include precious stones such as Natural Ruby, Natural Sapphire, Natural Emerald, and Natural Diamond. The reason behind this is simple. We often come across situations where customers have purchased what they believed to be genuine gemstones from sources like eBay® at unbelievably low prices, only to find out later that they were not authentic.

To avoid any disappointments or misunderstandings, we do not want to return to you the same gemstone you sent us, thinking it was natural, only to discover later that it was not. Therefore, we have made the decision not to set precious stones to maintain the integrity of our services.

In addition to precious stones, there are some semi-precious stones that we do not set due to their specific characteristics or hardness. These include Faceted Tanzanite, Faceted Apatite, Faceted Flourite, Faceted Chrome Diopside, Faceted Sphene, Faceted Opal, Faceted or Cabochon Amber, Faceted Glass, or any stone with a hardness on Moh’s scale of 5 1/2 or below.

It is important that you have your stones measured accurately with digital calipers before sending them to us for setting. The measurements should be within a range of +-0.1mm of the stated size and should be properly proportioned. Using a ruler to measure your stones will not provide the necessary accuracy, and the stones may not fit properly into the mountings. Please keep in mind that the size indicated on the gem box or bag does not guarantee a proper fit into a mounting, as different cutting houses have their own variances.

Please contact us if you have any questions 800-903-GEMS(4367) as we  require approval before sending your stones for setting. It is essential to obtain our consent beforehand.

The cost for setting gemstones that were not purchased from us into our mountings is $15.00 per stone. This fee includes polishing as part of the mounting charge. You can choose the setting option from the mountings page, or it will be added to your order once we receive your stones.

Please note: Any gemstones you send to us that cannot be set and cannot be returned with an existing order will incur a shipping and insurance charge for their return to you. If you choose to send them back with an existing order, additional insurance may be required based on the value of the items, and it is not included in our regular shipping charge. The minimum return shipping charge for items that cannot be set is $5.49 (for items valued up to $100), but the exact amount may vary depending on the required insurance coverage.

Setting Release Form


I agree to release Jamming Gems from ALL liability for my property.

I realize that due to the nature of gemstones they may break during

setting and I accept that as my own risk*

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