Why buy Jamming Gems?

Are you tired of receiving mountings with flimsy, paper-thin bands, unattractive flashing, unsightly pitting, and uneven designs? We completely understand your frustration. That’s why we take immense pride in offering our Premium Mountings, carefully crafted to minimize the finishing process. Our dedication to quality ensures that you no longer have to waste valuable time and effort on finishing these mountings, making them a worthwhile investment. We recognized the demand for exceptional mountings that don’t require excessive finishing work, and we have fulfilled that need with our commitment to delivering top-notch products that surpass your expectations.

Here are some of the features of Jamming Gems mountings.

We use only recycled de-oxidized metals, so your sterling silver won’t tarnish as quickly as your standard 925 sterling will. De-ox will also give you a great smooth polish and has a slightly brighter color to it. Plus, all of our sterling is nickel free.

By employing advanced Computer-Aided Design (CAD) technology, our designs ensure precision and uniformity, leaving no room for uneven prongs or bands. The CAD process, coupled with our resin casting technique, virtually eradicates shrinkage issues, guaranteeing accurate ring sizes. Unlike traditional methods that involve rubber molds and wax, which are prone to wax shrinkage, we have innovated beyond these practices. Rest assured, with our CAD-based approach, you will receive flawlessly crafted mountings that meets the highest standards of quality and fit.

Our main consideration is ease of setting, comfort and durability of the mounting. We are constantly working to design mountings that will not only be comfortable to wear and easier to set, but will last over the years.

Although we recognize the limitations of pre-notched mountings, we have dedicated ourselves to refining our designs to accommodate well-cut and properly proportioned gemstones seamlessly. Unlike some competitors who offer pre-notched mountings with stones positioned excessively high on the prongs or prongs that are too long, making it difficult to set the stones properly, we have invested substantial effort in crafting mountings that offer ease of setting while maintaining an impressive appearance.

Take a look at the comparison below, showcasing our mountings against a prominent pre-notched competitor, and witness the difference for yourself. Our commitment to quality and aesthetics sets us apart in the industry, ensuring a superior experience for our valued customers.

Comparison Rings

In the image displayed, a noticeable difference can be observed between the two rings. The gemstones in the left ring are elevated significantly above the mounting, which poses a risk of potential damage and loss. Even a single strong impact could dislodge the stone from its setting, making it less secure and visually unappealing. However, if you shift your attention to the ring on the right, you’ll notice that the gemstones are gracefully nestled lower within the head of the mounting. This thoughtful design not only provides better protection for the stones but also enhances the ring’s overall beauty when worn..

Pendant Mounting Comparison
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