Jewelry Metal Information: A Quick Guide

Dive into the lustrous world of sterling silver and gold jewelry. These two timeless metals have adorned humanity for centuries, each carrying its own unique blend of beauty, history, and significance. Whether you’re a jewelry aficionado or simply curious about the metals that grace your favorite pieces, our Metal Info page offers a quick look into the properties and care of sterling silver and gold.

Metal information

A classic rich color, yellow gold has been used for centuries. This timeless metal goes with other metal colors and helps enhance the richness of many colored gemstones. Gold is resistant to tarnishing, rust and corrosion. Gold is often a preferred choice for everyday rings for its hardness and malleability.

A warm white color, our white gold offers you a beautiful alternative to other white metals such as Platinum and Silver. While we do not rhodium plate our gold, our alloy is a nickel free vanilla white. If you’re looking for a harder more valuable metal than silver, this is a great option.

7mm Round Cathedral Pre-notched Ring Mounting
7mm Round Cathedral Pre-notched Ring Mounting

This romantic gold color is created by adding copper to gold. Rose gold is a great option for colored or colorless gemstones. The warm color of rose gold is flattering to all skin tones. With all the same qualities as yellow and white gold this is a great option if you’re looking for something different.

A beautiful and affordable metal, sterling silver has been used for centuries. We use a recycled De-oxidized sterling silver for our mountings. This allows it to be more tarnish resistant and has a great finish. Like our white gold, our sterling silver is nickel free. While silver has a beautiful bright color, it is fairly soft and can damage easily if not worn with care.

7mm Round Cathedral Pre-notched Ring Mounting
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