What are properly proportioned gemstones and why is it important?

properly proportioned gemstone

We get asked often “what is a properly proportioned Gemstone? ”

In general it is a stone that has a 1/3 crown and 2/3’s pavillion with a thin, but not sharp, girdle.

Why is this important?

With our mountings being pre-notched, you are not cutting the seat in the mounting. This is why having a properly proportioned gemstone is important. More than likely if your gemstone is very deep or very shallow it will not sit properly into the mounting, which can put it at risk of damage or loss.

What about a standard calibrated size?

A gemstone that is properly proportioned, and calibrated offers numerous benefits over one that is not. Firstly, a well-proportioned gemstone reflects light in a manner that maximizes its brilliance and fire, showcasing its inherent beauty and value. This is especially true for gemstones like diamonds and moissanite, where cut quality can significantly influence the stone’s appearance. Secondly, standard calibration ensures that the gemstone fits perfectly into standard jewelry settings, reducing the need for custom work and the associated costs. This also ensures that replacements or upgrades are easier to source in the future. In contrast, a gemstone that lacks proper proportion or calibration might not capture light effectively, appearing dull or lackluster. It might also pose challenges in setting, potentially leading to insecure mountings or the need for expensive customizations. In essence, a standard and properly proportioned gemstone not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also provides practical advantages in terms of setting and maintenance.

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