Alexandrite Lab Sapphire Marquise


Alexandrite Lab Corundum Marquise

The Alexandrite Lab Sapphire Marquise is a mesmerizing gemstone that combines the allure of the classic marquise cut with the innovative brilliance of lab-created sapphire. Known for its unique color-changing properties, this alexandrite variant shifts hues under different lighting conditions, offering a captivating play of colors.

This material is a lab created sapphire with the color properties of Alexandrite. This is a great alternative to natural or Lab Created Alexandrite gemstones.

These are AAA quality.
Color Changes under different lighting.

Stone Size

5×2.5mm (pack of 6), 6x3mm (pack of 4), 8x4mm (pack of 4), 10x5mm (pack of 2), 12x6mm

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