Apple Green Cubic Zirconia Emerald Cuts


Apple Green Cubic Zirconia Emerald Cuts
These are 3A machine cut. Octagon Princess Cuts.

Apple Green Cubic Zirconia is a delightful and vibrant simulated gemstone known for its vivid, apple-green color. Apple Green Cubic Zirconia possesses a brilliant and refreshing sparkle akin to more expensive gems, making it a popular choice for jewelry aficionados who value its affordability and striking beauty. Whether featured in rings, earrings, or pendants, this simulated gemstone adds a touch of freshness and charm with its lively apple green hue, while maintaining its durability and cost-effective nature, making it a captivating and stylish option for a wide range of jewelry creations.

Stone Size

5x3mm (pack of 8), 6x4mm (pack of 8), 7x5mm (pack of 6), 8x6mm (pack of 4), 9x7mm (pack of 2), 10x8mm (pack of 2), 11x9mm, 12x10mm, 14x10mm, 16x12mm, 18x13mm, 20x15mm

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