Apple Green Cubic Zirconia Marquise
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Apple Green Cubic Zirconia Marquise
These are 3A machine cut.

Apple Green Cubic Zirconia is a delightful and vibrant simulated gemstone known for its vivid, apple-green color. Apple Green Cubic Zirconia possesses a brilliant and refreshing sparkle akin to more expensive gems, making it a popular choice for jewelry aficionados who value its affordability and striking beauty. Whether featured in rings, earrings, or pendants, this simulated gemstone adds a touch of freshness and charm with its lively apple green hue, while maintaining its durability and cost-effective nature, making it a captivating and stylish option for a wide range of jewelry creations.

Stone Size

5×2.5mm (pack of 10), 6x3mm (pack of 10), 8x4mm (pack of 4), 10x5mm (pack of 4), 12x6mm (pack of 2), 16x8mm, 20x10mm

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