Green Cubic Zirconia Hearts
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Green Cubic Zirconia Hearts
These are 3A machine cut.
Beautiful Emerald Green Color.

Green Cubic Zirconia is a captivating simulated gemstone known for its lush green color. As a simulated gem, it replicates the appearance of natural gemstones through controlled laboratory processes. Green Cubic Zirconia offers a brilliant and vibrant sparkle akin to more costly gemstones, making it an attractive choice for jewelry enthusiasts who appreciate both its affordability and enduring beauty. Whether featured in rings, earrings, or pendants, this simulated gemstone adds a touch of natural elegance with its vibrant green shade, all while remaining a durable and cost-effective option.

Stone Size

4mm (pack of 6), 5mm (pack of 2), 6mm (pack of 2), 7mm (pack of 2), 8mm, 10mm

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