Half-Drilled Black Cultured Fresh Water Button Pearl
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Black Cultured Fresh Water Pearls Round Button

Pearls are Half-Drilled with a flat to semi-flat bottom.
Grade: A-AA

Dive into the mystique of our Black Cultured Fresh Water Pearls. Their button shape, with a flat to semi-flat bottom, ensures a snug and elegant fit, making them an ideal choice for earrings, rings, and other jewelr. Half-drilled for optimal crafting, these pearls offer jewelers a blend of versatility and precision. Whether you’re curating a piece that whispers of midnight romance or a bold statement of luxury, these black button pearls are the quintessential gem to elevate your creation. Their rich color and tailored silhouette are sure to enchant and mesmerize jewelry lovers of all kinds.

Pearl Size

6-7mm (pack of 2), 10-10.5mm (pack of 2)

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