Tanzanite Cubic Zirconia Rounds
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Tanzanite Cubic Zirconia Rounds
These are 3A machine cut. Diamond Cut.

Tanzanite color cubic zirconia is a stunning and affordable gemstone that imitates the captivating blue-violet hue of natural tanzanite. This simulated gem exhibits a rich and alluring color, often displaying shades of deep blue with violet undertones, similar to its genuine counterpart. With its remarkable brilliance and clarity, tanzanite color cubic zirconia adds a touch of luxury and elegance to jewelry designs. This simulated gemstone is a popular choice for those who appreciate the beauty of tanzanite but prefer a more budget-friendly alternative.

Stone Size

2mm (pack of 10), 2.25mm (pack of 10), 2.5mm (pack of 10), 3mm (pack of 10), 4mm (pack of 8), 5mm (pack of 4), 6mm (pack of 2), 7mm (pack of 2), 8mm (pack of 2), 9mm, 10mm

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