White Cultured Fresh Water Pearls Rounds

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White Cultured Fresh Water Pearls Rounds

Pearls are Half-Drilled
Grade: AA-AAA
Perfect for classic earring studs, rings, or pendants

The epitome of classic elegance with our White Cultured Fresh Water Pearls. These pearls, with their luminous sheen and timeless allure, are reminiscent of moonlit nights and pure serenity. Available in a trio of sizes – 4-5mm, 6-7mm, and 7-8mm – they cater to design aspirations, from the understated to the opulent. Each pearl is half-drilled, facilitating ease of use for jewelers and crafters alike. Whether you’re envisioning a sophisticated necklace, a pair of delicate studs, or a ring, these white pearls promise to be the heart of your creation. Their radiant glow and enduring appeal make them an indispensable gem in any jewelry collection.

Pearl Size

4-5mm, 6-7mm, 7-8mm

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