Yellow Cubic Zirconia Ovals
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Yellow Cubic Zirconia Ovals
These are 3A machine cut.

Yellow cubic zirconia is a radiant and budget-friendly gemstone that exhibits a vibrant yellow hue. This simulated gemstone captures the warm and cheerful essence of natural yellow gemstones, such as yellow sapphires or canary diamonds. With its remarkable brilliance and clarity, yellow cubic zirconia adds a pop of sunshine and elegance to jewelry designs. Whether featured in rings, earrings, pendants, or bracelets, this gemstone provides a lively and captivating touch. Its affordability and dazzling color make it a popular choice for those seeking to incorporate the brightness and charm of yellow gemstones into their jewelry collection without the high cost.

Stone Size

5x3mm (pack of 10), 6x4mm (pack of 10), 7x5mm (pack of 6), 8x6mm (pack of 4), 9x7mm (pack of 4), 10x8mm (pack of 4), 11x9mm (pack of 2), 12x10mm (pack of 2), 14x10mm (pack of 2), 16x12mm, 18x13mm, 20x15mm

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